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Residential Key Services

Residential locks and keys for your homeHome Keys

Emergency locksmith service. Locked out of your home? Are your keys lost? Was your home broken into? Does someone you no longer trust possibly have a key to your home? Locksmith Kingdom can rekey your locks or replace your locks, 24 hours 7 days a week, with our emergency locksmith service.

Rekey locksets

Did you move into a new house? You should rekey all the locksets in your home, so the previous owner, the former owner's maid or babysitter, or real estate agent no longer has access. Locksmith Kingdom can give you an estimate to rekey locksets. You also wish to rekey to get all the locks in your home on one key, if they are different.

Secure lockset installation

Want the highest home security possible? Have us install new locks with special keys that can only be duplicated by a professional locksmith, with your permission.

Install decorative locksetsDecorative locksets

When decorating your home, have Locksmith Kingdom replace ugly lockets with more decorative locksets, or just have us replace the knobs and levers instead of the whole lockset, when that's possible.

Repair lock

Locks have mechanical parts that wear or break. When a residential lock stops working, we can repair it.

Duplicate keyDuplicated Keys

Replace lost keys and copy keys by calling us today.

Decorative lock from locksmith

Lockset brands

Locksmith Kingdom services the best residential lockset brands: ADEMCO, Baldwin, Corbin Russwin, DMP, DSC, GE, GE Interlogix, Honeywell, Jet, Kaba, Kwikset, Master Lock, Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Napco, Primus, Radionics, Ranger, Sargent, Schlage, Simplex, SMP, Sumitomo, Von Duprin, Weslock, Win-Pak, Yale lock.

Security locks

Make your home safer and more secure by adding another layer of protection to your doors with deadbolts, camlocks, and padlocks.

Cam lockCam lock

Protect drawers, cabinets, and small doors by having a professional Locksmith install a cam lock. Cam locks have stainless steel cylinders that resist drilling, smashing or pulling a lock open. Cam locks have unique round cam lock keys that are very difficult to duplicate.


It costs little to install a residential deadbolt on every door, yet this quick installation adds considerable security and protection to your home. Locksmith Kingdom has deadbolts that are locked with a key or a latch, or you can install a vertical slam deadbolt that automatically locks when the door is closed so it is never unprotected. Better protection is offered by vertical deadbolts that are harder for a burglar to jimmy, but the more popular horizontal deadbolts offer good security, too.


A weather-resistant padlock from Locksmith Kingdom can protect your outdoor equipment, shed, gate, boat, and more