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Security Locks

Commercial padlockCommercial padlock

A high quality commercial padlock is designed with hardened steel to resist any burglar who tries to crack the padlock case or the Padlock from locksmith padlock shackle loop with clippers, crowbar, drill, or other burglar device. A commercial padlock uses either a key or combination to open it. Locksmith Kingdom has special padlocks with high security keys are available that make it difficult for an employee to make a duplicate key, or for a burglar to pick the lock. A weather resistant padlock is needed in outdoor locations.


Make a door more secure by adding a commercial deadbolt, an inexpensive and quick installation by Locksmith Kingdom. Choose a deadbolt that is locked with a latch or a key, or install a vertical slam Deadbolt that locks automatically so the door is never left unlocked. The most common deadbolt is a horizontal deadbolt that secures the door into the door frame, usually just above the lockset. A vertical deadbolt secures the door at the top and/or bottom, and provides more jimmy proof protection against burglars.

Cam lockCam lock

For higher security on small doors, cabinets, drawers, displays, vending machines, etc.Locksmith Kingdom installs a cam lock in opening that has a hardened, stainless steel cylinder that resists vandals who try drilling, pulling, or smashing a lock open. Unique round cam lock keys and key controls prevent unauthorized duplicate keys to be made.

Mortise locks

A mortise lock has both a latch and a dead latch pin. When closed, the Mortise locklock latch secures the door and the dead latch pin pushes in, so the door cannot be opened by sliding a plastic card in against the latch.